Consultations with respect to inventions, trademarks, designs, know-how, protection of computer software and plant varieties

Filing and prosecuting of all national and international industrial property rights: patents, utility models, design patents, trademarks etc.

Representation before the German Patent- and Trademark Office, the Federal Patent Court, the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market (Trademarks and Design), the European Patent Office and other national/international offices in the field of industrial property rights

Administration of industrial property rights

Prosecution of infringements

Acting at all courts in charge

Consultation and representation in all affairs related to the law concerning the inventions of employees

Drafting of agreements and treaties and consultations related to agreements or treaties in the field of industrial property rights

Conducting searches

Supplying patent documents

Expert opinions, lectures, seminars

In cooperation with

Dr. rer. nat. Winfried Fugmann
Patent Attorney
European Patent, Trademark and 
Design Attorney
Ebeneweg 4, D–78333 Stockach